A blog about our game dev journey

Hello everyone and welcome to our dev blog about game development. This blog is intended to allow us to talk a little about interesting daily challenges we make on our way to release our first commercial game which is going to be Evenorn. More about that later, lets first talk about who we are and what drives us to put so much time and effort into a project like this.

A little about us

Before we go on and talk about our first project, lets talk a little about us and what motivates us. I am Djamschid and my partner who is working with me on this project is Renato. We are two friends, growing up in the same city in germany near frankfurt and we know each other for quiet some time, I guess more than 10 years by now but I am not even sure. Its interesting that we started making games from the very beginning when we met. The games we made back then were pretty… crap to name it nicely. They were made with tools like rpg maker and we were grabbing ideas from other games we liked and put them together in our own game. Here is a small clip we made back then:

Looking at it now makes me cringe a bit but also shows me how passionate we were about making games, which lasted up until today. That game never released though and would also probably infringe many copyrights.

So after we put in a lot of time and work into projects that were doomed to never release, we finally decided to tackle a project which we will actually finish. This brought us to the moment 2 years ago when we decided to start a company (Team Crea) and make a real game. A game we are proud of and which combines all the things we love about gaming. Crisp controls and consistent as well as well thought game design. So we started our first real project: Evenorn

Our first project: Evenorn

Before we go on, lets have a quick look at Evenorn

This quick preview shows some basic controls of our game and the look and feel we have right now. This is our current state of Evenorn and we work on it on a daily basis, next to our other jobs of course. Thats why it might get on a bit slow but its progressing day by day. We are not under pressure nor do we have a publisher which tells us to add whats commercially useful. That was important to us because now we can concentrate on making the game we really want to make and stay true to our ideals.

That brings us to this blog and what you could expect to find here.

A blog about Game Development

In this blog we want to write about our challenges we faced during development of our first project and furthermore explain how we tackled and solved them. And I am not only talking about programming challenges. I am talking about making game logos, putting it in stores out there, making decisions, mistakes we did, designing mechanics, creating characters… the list goes on and on. Of course there will also be programming posts 🙂

So If you are interested to find out what we learned along the way on our journey, make sure to visit this blog every now and then and don’t forget to follow Evenorn on Twitter

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