Started from the bottom now we’re here

Good day everyone, Renato here. Today i wanna talk to you about our latest process and what our next goals are.

First struggles

In the last few weeks we haven’t worked on the game itself, because we had to manage some stuff with Steam and our Website / Blog.

We had some problems with our Steamworks-Account. Due to our company is seated in Germany, we had to fill out various forms to register on steam. That took us more time than expected.
But the good news are, everything is set up and we can soon come up with a Steam-Page for Evenorn.

First successes

Next to the Steamregistration we worked on our Website / Blog.
If you read this, everything went well so far and our Blog is online, if not then …. Just kidding. This Blog is a very big goal for us. Here we can share all of our experiences. All Fails we made, all Struggles ( Like the one with Steam ) and also everything else what’s on our minds.
It’s a good platform to say everything you feel right now.

Also we made an own Site for our game Evenorn:
We are very happy with the result and hope you are too! Visit it and tell us if you like it or not. ( You can do the same with the Blog )
Feel free to give us some advices. We are learning every day and not everything we do is perfect.

Next Goals

It took us a lot of time but we are proud of the results of the last few weeks. Now we can put our full effort back into the game.
When developing a game, you get to know the other side as well. There are plenty things you have to watch. It’s more than just working on the game itself.

In the next weeks, we want to complete the first level of the game. That’s our Main-Goal for now. There is a lot of stuff to do until it’s finished.
But maybe we can bring out a demo after completion?

What do you think ? 😛 Write us your feedback

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