Making a devlog for Youtube

What’s up everyone, Renato here! I have worked on starting our devlog for youtube the past few days. We want to share with you in this devlog the changes we did and why we did it and let you be part of the development process of Evenorn.

Each of us knows it: The dream of the big stage. We have all imagined what it would be like if we were in the main roles of our favorite series or films. Luckily this is no longer that difficult these days! ย Thanks to Instagram, Tiktok or YouTube, there are numerous ways to draw attention to yourself.
( Of course you can also write a blog like me here ๐Ÿ˜› )

So we thought about how we could expand our online presence and increase our level of awareness. That’s why we decided to produce a DevLog in addition to our Blog. In short: We will become YouTuber ๐Ÿ˜€

So how exactly should I make a DevLog for YouTube?

First I looked for inspiration. There are countless YouTubers and Bloggers out there. For this I looked at other DevLogs. For example: Thinmatrix , Yheeky or Blackthornprod.
It was important to me to be different from a conventional DevLog. I wanted to include examples from the gaming world, explain a little bit the origins, similar to Design Doc or Snoman Gaming. Also I wanted to add comedy elements with the help of short clips. Unfortunately, Dj was not so enthusiastic about the idea, which is why it has become more an ordinary DevLog in the end.

Editing but how ?!

Since I had never produced a video before and therefore never used a video editing software, I faced my next challenge. The most important question was: Which program? Since the DevLog should not be too complex, one decision was made quickly: it should be a free software.
After a little research I came across Davinci Resolve. Originally this was a program that was mainly used for color-grading, but now it is also a fairly passable editing software.
The next question was, how to you use an editing software? I had to learn the basics about Davinci Resolve. How do you use this software? How do you cut at all? What should be considered when cutting? Tutorials were needed!

Learning by doin’!

I can only say thank god there’s youtube. Of course there are also other learning platforms like Skillshare or Udemy. But youtube was completely sufficient for this case.
I tried to learn everything I needed from the videos and implement it.
Actually I didn’t have to be able to do much. Insert a video, cut it and attach the next one. Afterwards put some voiceover and background music, over it. DONE.
It was learning by doing. After first starting-problems, I quickly got on with the software and even came to a very satisfactory result

Davinci Resolve: Free Video Editing Tool. You need to register to get it!

The Final product

Finally, there it is: The final product, the first devlog video for our YouTube channel. After many hours of tutorials, days of trying out and getting to know the program, I put our first video on its feet. All in all i’m very happy with the result and hope that you like it too.
But one thing was still missing! The upload! Everyone who knows
YouTube, knows that it has his own rules when it comes to the algorithm.
So I first read in to understand what’s important.
There are plenty tips and tricks on the internet. Thanks to the following blog: I got a lot of useful help.

Becoming YouTubers!

Now it was time, everything was ready. Our first video on YouTube!
The excitement increased because we didn’t know how the video would be received. Will anybody watch it except our friends? We don’t know!
But it was definitely a nice task and a valuable experience. Soon we’ll see how successful our YouTube career will be. In first case, it’s important for us to keep you up to date with as much content as we can.

With Twitter, our Blog and YouTube we now cover a wide spectrum and hope you are satisfied. Even if not let us know because all feedback is appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

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