Our Team

We are two friends who grew up together and love to make video games. We started our first games with rpg maker when we were still 14 or 15 years old. Those games never came out but as time passed we of course got more experienced and never lost the idea of making games out of sight.

Today we are grown up and have added some work experience and study degrees to our repertoire.

Djamschid Arefi

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I am a 29 year old video game and movie enthusiast who loves programming and creating new and creative stuff. I did a bachelor in interactive media design as well as a master in leadership in creative industries. I worked a few years afterwards as a programmer / designer for webapplications. Next to my main job I decided to make a video game and release it. Thats why I started this project and am working with a good friend on something I will be proud of.

Renato Lucic

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My career was very varied. In my 28 years I never worked as a Designer or something similar. After school I wanted to study film but unfortunately I didn’t graduate the year I was accepted. So everything turned out completely differently. I worked in my fathers roofing company and after some years I opened a bar with a close friend. That have been nice experiences but I’ve never been fulfilled. I love to create things. No matter if games, stories or movies. Thats why I’m happy to have the possibility to follow my dreams again.